Senior Pharmaceutical Executive

Marina Brodsky

Dr. Marina Brodsky is a pharmaceutical executive with a proven record of leadership and extensive industry experience.  She is adept in the design and execution of clinical development programs which achieve regulatory success and meet the needs of customers, as well as in medical affairs strategies and tactics such as product launches and engaging medical community.  She is currently an independent consultant, providing strategic advice to small and mid-sized companies in the areas of drug development, medical affairs and business development.

Marina retired from Pfizer Inc. in 2016 as Vice President in medical affairs after more than two decades in positions of increasing responsibility, including five years as Therapeutic Area Head (2011-2016).  In that role, she led teams of scientists and physicians providing expert support for a portfolio of blockbuster Pfizer medicines such as Celebrex and Lyrica, and guiding the development of several early compounds for Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and other neurological disorders.  Prior to that role, Marina was Team Leader in medical affairs (2005-2011) and R&D (late stage development/pre-launch, 2000-2005), and a clinician/clinical team leader in early development (1995-2000).  Marina has worked in several therapeutic areas including pain, neuroscience, mood disorders, addiction, and insomnia, and has co-authored papers on the use of machine learning methods to predict patient responses to treatment.

Before Pfizer, Marina was a researcher in an academic setting in Moscow, Russia, and an R&D scientist at Teva Pharmaceuticals in Israel.  She received her BS from Lomonosov State University in Moscow and Kalinin State University, in Russia.  She obtained her PhD in Neuroscience and Pharmacology from Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences in New York.

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