AI Driven Approaches to Trial Design Innovation

At Unlearn, our goal is to inform, advance, and accelerate research to help bring new treatments to patients who need them faster. Leveraging sophisticated machine learning and historical patient data, we generate new evidence — Digital Twins, or predicted placebo outcomes for each patient in a trial. Clinical trials powered by Digital Twins provide greater statistical power to answer existing and new research questions, in a shorter time frame, and are easy to integrate into protocols and analysis plans. In this whitepaper, we provide an overview of Digital Twins and how this innovation makes it possible to prospectively design smaller trials with higher statistical power, or to recover power in ongoing trials impacted by low enrollment or high dropout rates.

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White Papers

Using AI-based Prognostic Models to Design Efficient, Unbiased Clinical Trials


Part 3: Innovation in Clinical Research: AI-based Drug Development Tools and the Regulatory Landscape‍


Part 2: Faster, More Efficient Trials: Novel Trial Designs using Digital Twins‍

Watch an overview of specific use cases for Digital Twins and learn how novel trial designs with Digital Twins enable smaller trials that maintain their power.
Watch a panel discussion on the regulatory landscape where experts share perspectives on the future of AI-based drug development tools like Digital Twins.
Statistical principles of clinical trials with Digital Twins