Announcing The Unlearn Opportunities Internship Program

Creating Opportunities for Students of Data Science and Business from Underrepresented Groups in STEM

I returned home after my first year of college to an internship in the Department of Radiology at Michigan State University. I didn’t have any relevant experience in radiology, I was just a freshman after all. But, I did have one big advantage — my father was a professor at the university, and he was able to introduce me to the head of the department. 

I worked incredibly hard that summer and ended up publishing a textbook chapter on magnetic resonance imaging of the brain. I discovered my love for physics, and how physics could be used to solve problems in biology and medicine. Then, I parlayed that successful internship into another when I returned to school the next year, and went on to publish 4 scientific papers as an undergraduate. Because success builds on success, I parlayed that into a PhD from Harvard, and eventually went on to start Unlearn. 

For me, this personal story highlights how much one opportunity was able to change my life.  An opportunity I was given, in part, because of who I was rather than what I had done up to that point. An opportunity that others with different circumstances wouldn’t have been given. It’s time to change that pattern. 

At Unlearn.AI, we’re working to build a world-changing technology and to apply it to transform the way new medicines are developed. We need to recruit the best people to join our team: the best machine learning engineers, data scientists, marketing experts, and strategic thinkers. To find the best talent, we need to reach more people with different backgrounds and different perspectives. That’s why we’re launching the Unlearn Opportunities Internship Program.

The Unlearn Opportunities Internship Program is a paid internship, open to around four graduate or undergraduate students per year, providing the opportunity to gain experience in either data science or business-related activities at a growing San Francisco-based startup. The program is aimed at students from groups that are underrepresented in the technology sector including women, Hispanic/Latinx, Native and Black Americans. We’ll be reaching out to recruit students from colleges and universities with diverse student populations and relevant student groups, but encourage anyone interested to go to our website and apply.

My co-founder Jon once said about Unlearn that “we’ve been given the chance to make a difference; and we damn well better.” This is about doing more than one good thing; it’s about building the best, most talented team so that we can do lots of good things. Come join us, and help us do better.

- Charles K. Fisher, CEO

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