CB Insights 2020 Digital Health 150: Unlearn.AI named in List of Most Innovative Digital Health Startups

Today, CB Insights released its second annual Digital Health 150 ranking, and named Unlearn as one of the top 150 most promising private digital health companies in the world. Unlearn.AI was recognized for our achievements in clinical trials. 150 startups were highlighted across 12 categories, including Screening & Diagnostics, Drug Discovery, and Virtual Care Delivery. We are honored to be included in this impressive pool of visionary startups from 17 different countries, whose collective mission is to transform healthcare. 

Each year, through a rigorous, evidence-based approach, the CB Insights research team selects the Digital Health 150 from hundreds of applications based on several factors to evaluate the strength, novelty, and potential of each company. “We look forward to seeing the success of this year's class of the best in digital health," said CB Insights CEO Anand Sanwal.

Unlearn is thrilled to be recognized as a contributing member of the international community of pioneers in health. This is truly the era of innovation, where novel approaches to medicine and clinical research are actively being explored and embraced.

Our team has experienced a rewarding last few months, with continued, positive momentum in light of our Series A Funding announcement on April 20th. Unlearn will be presenting at Future of Health 2020 | CB Insights, September 23 - 25, where industry leaders will come together to discuss healthcare technologies, trends, and challenges we are facing today, and the solutions that will shape our path forward. We look forward to joining our fellow Digital Health 150 innovators in leading and navigating discussions that will accelerate the future of healthcare. We congratulate all of the companies who were nominated, and commend all of the startups that applied - together, we are moving the needle of change towards a healthier world.

Unlearn is the only company using AI to create Digital Twins to populate Intelligent Control Arms in clinical studies. By leveraging historical datasets and disease-specific machine-learning models, Unlearn generates virtual patients that are statistically matched to actual patients in clinical studies. This novel approach increases trial power and confidence, accelerates trial timelines, and enables patient level insights. Digital Twins are currently part of an ongoing pivotal Alzheimer’s Disease trial. Unlearn continues to have discussions with regulators, industry leaders, and other key stakeholders, and is seeking partners to help drive innovation in clinical research using AI.

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Digital Twins: A Tool for Risk Mitigation in the Era of COVID-19


Embracing Innovation to Move Forward


Your Digital Twin - UnlearnAI

A fascinating approach to the problem of how to make clinical trials more efficient, and understand more about what may be possible with more and better patient data.
At Unlearn, our goal is to use the data available from historical trials, to generate new evidence to inform and advance research.
In what ways can we mitigate risk and apply innovative solutions to unstable trials in the wake of COVID-19?