CTAD 2020: Unlearn will present abstracts to demonstrate how Digital Twins enable smaller, more efficient trials

Join us at the upcoming, premier event that brings together worldwide leaders in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. At 13th Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease Conference (CTAD), November 4-7, Unlearn will present data from two separate abstracts demonstrating how Digital Twins can power novel trial designs and accelerate timelines. 

Our late-breaking presentation, LB10: Rescuing AD Clinical Trials Impacted by COVID-19 using Machine Learning and Existing Placebo Data to Recover Trial Power, will be available on-demand beginning on Thursday, November 5th. In this session, Jon Walsh, PhD, founder and Head of Data Science, demonstrates how incorporating Digital Twins into clinical trials negatively impacted by events like COVID-19 can recover/maintain power while mitigating risk. 

Our Poster Session, P14: Using Digital Twins to Decrease Enrollment and Increase Statistical Power in Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trials, will be available on-demand throughout the conference. In this brief session accompanying the poster, Alejandro Schuler, PhD, Data Scientist, presents an analysis of a previously conducted Alzheimer’s trial, re-structured to include Digital Twins. The results show how novel trial designs that include Digital Twins enable smaller trials that maintain their power. 

In addition to presenting and attending sessions, Unlearn is a Silver Sponsor of CTAD 2020 and will be readily available to connect throughout the conference. Reach out to us at partnerships@unlearn.ai to schedule a time to meet with us to discuss how Digital Twins can accelerate your clinical research. 

We look forward to seeing you at CTAD, and the opportunity to interact with and learn from thought leaders and innovators who are leading the way towards developing more effective treatment options faster for Alzheimer’s disease. 

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