Welcoming Dr. Taylor to Unlearn.AI’s Board of Directors

I am thrilled to welcome Dr. Ann Taylor as the newest member of Unlearn.AI’s Board of Directors. Dr. Taylor is the Chief Medical Officer at AstraZeneca and has spent more than 35 years as a leader in exploratory research and early clinical medicine. 

At AstraZeneca, Dr. Taylor oversees safety and quality assurance, as well as risk assessment for medicines in development and in the market. She is also responsible for AstraZeneca’s global regulatory policy and intelligence. She has over 30 years of experience as a researcher, with a focus on Phase I and II clinical trial design and execution, including strategy, operations, and compliance.

This year will mark a pivotal moment for clinical research as we begin using Digital Twins to design and execute substantially more efficient clinical trials. It’s a critical step towards our goal of halving the time it takes to run a typical clinical trial. Dr. Taylor’s expertise across the lifecycle and ecosystem of drug development will help us immensely on this journey. Clinical excellence, statistical rigor, and regulatory compliance are foundational principles at Unlearn, and Dr. Taylor is uniquely qualified to help us execute a strategy built on these pillars.

In addition to her impressive background in medicine, research, and the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Taylor is a champion for diversity and empowerment. Dr. Taylor is dedicated to giving everyone a voice — she supports young people through sponsorship and mentoring opportunities to encourage more women to pursue and progress careers in STEM. 

Personally, I am deeply proud of our launch of the Unlearn Opportunities Internship Program, a paid internship program for students of data science and business from underrepresented groups in STEM. I look forward to seeking Dr. Taylor’s expertise on inclusion and how to expand diversity at Unlearn as we continue to grow our team.

I’m honored to have such an inspirational and experienced leader like Dr. Taylor join our board. Dr. Taylor is passionate about how the human body works, and has used this knowledge to help bring transformational medicines to patients who need them. By lending her guidance, she will help Unlearn on our mission to get those medicines to patients faster.

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