How are we changing clinical trials?

White Papers

Summary of the EMA March 2022 Draft Qualification Opinion for PROCOVA™

Learn more about the highlights, implications, and FAQs concerning the European Medicines Agency’s draft qualification opinion for our 3-step PROCOVA™ procedure.

How Digital Twin Technology is Disrupting Healthcare


Next-gen digital health innovation in clinical trials


Recruit Rockstars Podcast #367: How His VC-Backed Team Made Drug Development Faster

Unlearn helps biopharma companies develop drugs more efficiently by leveraging AI to reduce the number of patients required for placebo controls in clinical trials.
The Rock Health team reflects on the evolution of digital in clinical trials, discuss the current state, and explore the opportunity to further transform drug discovery.
The use of digital twins in the healthcare industry is revolutionizing clinical processes.

Using AI-based Prognostic Models to Design Efficient, Unbiased Clinical Trials

The Bio Report Podcast: Using AI Created Digital Twins to Accelerate Clinical Trials

Saving Minds Podcast #27: Using Artificial Intelligence to speed Alzheimer’s studie‪s‬

The FDA needs to set standards for using artificial intelligence in drug development


Applying Machine Learning to Increase Clinical Trial Efficiency: A Regulatory Journey

Learn about the evolution of ideas that led to our TwinRCT™ solution for smaller, more efficient clinical trials and recent EMA draft qualification opinion.
White Papers

PROCOVA™ Handbook for the Target Trial Statistician

This handbook provides step-by-step guidance for the practical application of our PROCOVA™ procedure for Phase 2 or 3 TwinRCTs™.

Will digital clones transform how pharmas run clinical trials? This S.F. startup is counting on it.


Generating Digital Control Subjects using Machine Learning for Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trials (CTAD 2019)


Broadening Role for External Control Arms in Clinical Trials

Unlearn.AI Inc. is going a step further, using data from historical trials and patient registries to build algorithms that simulate artificial patients.
The ability to reduce the burden on control subjects with subjects in clinical trials for complex diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease would drastically improve the search..
The San Francisco-based company creates digital replicas of participants in clinical drug trials using artificial intelligence.

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