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Clinical Trials
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The only company using Digital Twins to populate Intelligent Control Arms in clinical trials.

A new paradigm for faster trials providing rigorous clinical evidence with fewer subjects.

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Faster Clinical Trials

Using an Intelligent Control Arm in a trial enables sponsors to reduce the number of subjects who receive a placebo. As a result, Intelligent Control Arms can cut patient recruitment time by up to 50%.

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Increased Statistical Power

An Intelligent Control Arm is composed of Digital Twins that are perfectly matched to the actual subjects in a trial. Digital Twins reduce variability arising from differences between subjects at baseline, resulting in increased power to detect treatment effects.

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Individualized Response to Treatment

Each subject in a trial with an Intelligent Control Arm is assigned a perfectly matched Digital Twin that describes what would have happened if the subject had received a placebo. By acting as counterfactuals, Digital Twins provide the necessary evidence to understand how each subject  in a trial responded to the experimental therapy.

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Benefits of Synthetic Control Patients for Sponsors

Faster Clinical Trials

Using synthetic control patients cuts patient recruitment time for a trial in half. This reduces clinical trial cycle time and time-to-market by 30 to 60%.

More Efficient Clinical Trials

Synthetic control patients minimize patient recruitment cost and dropout by reducing the total number of patients involved in a clinical trial.

Less Risky Clinical Trials

Unlearn’s synthetic control patients eliminate population differences between the control and treatment arms to improve power and increase confidence in trial results.

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Why Unlearn?

Unlearn is a science-first company that has created the first machine learning (ML) platform for creating Intelligent Control Arms with Digital Twins. Unlearn is working closely with biopharma companies and regulators to ensure our methods meet the highest scientific and regulatory standards.

See what Professor Collin M. Stultz, MD, PhD has to say about Unlearn.

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