Creating AI to simulate biology and improve the lives of patients

Science First

Unlearn was founded by scientists, who wanted to find a new, evidence-based approach. We operate based on proprietary approaches to machine learning principles and regulatory guidances.

A Culture of Precision

Statistical rigor and clinical excellence drive us. We are impacting patient lives, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Trusted Innovator

We are working diligently towards validated innovation. We ensure our products address our customers' exact needs while mitigating risk.

Culture and team

Unlearn was started to solve hard problems. We foster an environment and culture that empowers everyone to do their best work, so we can find solutions together.
Strategic Advisor

Craig H. Lipset

Scientific Advisor

Collin Stultz

Scientific Advisor

Pankaj Mehta

Regulatory Advisor

Marina Brodsky

Regulatory Advisor

Diane Shoda

Strategic Advisor

Daniel Omura

Statistics Advisor

Joseph Ibrahim

Strategic Advisor

Cami Clark

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Founder & CEO

Charles K. Fisher

Chief Commercial Officer

Julia Coelho

Chief Operating Officer

Graham Siegel


Aaron Smith


Jon Walsh

Dir. Business Development

Andrew Stelzer

Data Scientist

Diana Hall

Machine Learning Scientist

Anton Loukianov

Machine Learning Scientist

David Li-Bland

Office Manager

Kelsea Jordan

Data Scientist

Alejandro Schuler

Software Engineer

Brian Wai

Marketing Manager

Dana Jasek

Software Engineer

Juan Arrivillaga


David Walsh

Sr. Clinical Product Manager

Adair Mitchell

Data Scientist

Daniele Bertolini

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Moneyball Medicine Podcast #49: Charles Fisher on Using Digital Twins to Speed Clinical Trials

By comparing a patient’s actual record to their Digital Twin, Unlearn can estimate the treatment effect at the patient level and conduct trials with fewer patients.

Unlearn.AI Announces Series A Extension with New Investment from Epic Ventures, Alumni Ventures Group, and Global Pharma Company Eisai

Eisai has joined the company’s world-class syndicate of investors as part of its Series A extension along with Epic Ventures and Alumni Ventures Group.
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AI Driven Approaches to Trial Design Innovation

Enabling Faster, More Efficient Trials with Digital Twins

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